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Anonymous asked: U shd take one with him sleeping plus ur babies :)

Lol it’s ok o.o… One when he’s awake is fine

Anonymous asked: But where's ur bf?

He’s napping xD

My kids and me :)

My kids and me :)





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Anonymous asked: Don't worry just stay strong. U still hv ur bf n babies :)

Haha ty Mr. Gray :)!

Anonymous asked: What do u mean by 'gay behavior'?

That’s what my sister said forwarded from my mom… I don’t know what my mom meant by that -.-…


Tiramisu pistache au café sucré

Ughhh foodgasms @.@

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Hello :) Name's David, currently a senior in college going for Med School. Asian, 21, huge heart, open mind, and one big weakness - too nice haha. Currently residing in New York the big city. Thought might as well make a tumblr to post some things in order to get my mind off school and just explore the different inspirational photos and arts that's online as well as other stuff :D Pleased to meet you all~ Pactio(s) I have to make >///<  Pactios made
Pactios made <3